Streamline communication with your area veterinarians’ offices.

FastTrackGov’s Vet Connect portal enables you to share information and collaborate with your area veterinarians to promote pet safety and health.

Vet offices can

  • Conveniently submit pet license applications and process renewals online
  • Issue new or renewal pet tags from their office
  • Request documentation of active pet licenses
  • Look up owner information for lost pets
  • Stay informed on the status of pending licenses
  • Receive automatic notifications when pet licenses are issued

Government employees can

  • Automatically notify veterinarians’ offices when issuing a pet license
  • Allow veterinarian offices to issue pet licenses for faster, more efficient service to citizens
  • Issue automated renewal notifications
  • Easily view the number of licenses issued by each veterinarian office
  • Increase revenue potential with automated renewals, fee computations, and payments using FastTrackGov’s Pet Licensing