Government Solutions

You can choose from a broad array of products designed specifically for government. These products can serve virtually every agency, department, or special district within cities, counties, and states. The list is extensive and includes Courts and Court Systems, City Government, Convention Centers/Authorities, County Government, Education, Port Authorities, State Government, Transit Authorities and Districts, Utilities, and a variety of Other entities.


You can acquire any individual product or a selected group of products. All Mitchell Humphrey products are fully integrated. In addition, the products have built-in features for integration with your other software products, whether developed in-house or acquired from another vendor.


All of our products contain optional features and alternative ways of performing tasks. This flexibility means you don’t have to change policies and processes you want to keep. In other words, our products adapt to your needs, rather than the other way around.


We offer built-in tools that allow our products to be customized without changes to the programming code. This means you can have data and processes created that are unique to your business, and still have the software maintained by us.

User Control

We offer several ad hoc inquiry, reporting, and analysis tools designed for use by non-technical personnel. This means all users can quickly and easily obtain information they are authorized to access, without relying on technical support.


Preventing unauthorized access to your data is a must. Mitchell Humphrey offers extensive security features designed to prevent unauthorized access by outside parties, as well as to precisely define limits for data updates and retrievals by individual user or user group.

Bottom Line

In summary, all of our products are designed to:

  • Save you time
  • Allow you to directly access needed information
  • Obtain faster results
  • Pay for themselves