Secure, FedRAMP compliant hosting that brings you peace of mind.

We provide ongoing hosting support that protects the privacy of your employees and users.

Rackspace Hosting

We provide a fully secured, FedRAMP compliant hosting environment for all of our cloud-based software solutions. We guarantee the safety of your data so you can provide the security that your residents and employees require.


Winner of Microsoft’s Hosting Partner of the Year (Rackspace)



Response Assistance Software

We provide a convenient online method for submitting your support requests to our team. All inquiries are tracked through a ticket-based system to ensure proper follow up on every reported issue. Just like we do over the phone, we strive to provide responses to every request within 24 hours.

Free Updates

The way we build our software allows us to roll out systemwide updates unilaterally, ensuring you always have the most up-to-date software to keep your business operations running smoothly.