Accounts Receivable

You will receive a software solution that provides a complete billing, statement, cash receipts, and receivables management solution.

Whether you use it for billing or only receivables management, the system provides the tools you need to reduce manual effort and improve your control over your entire accounts receivable process.

Some of the key benefits you will receive are as follows:

  • Supports centralized or de-centralized billing and/or receivables management.
  • Includes complete sales and excise tax, freight, discounts, and other computations.
  • Accommodates multiple methods of applying cash, including unapplied cash accounting and distribution.
  • Provides complete receivables management tools, such as custom aging classes, instant aging analysis, item-oriented or balance forward statements, and the like.
  • Accumulates history by accounting period and year by customer, service, transaction type, and the like.
  • Retrieves analysis by customer, customer group, product, etc. with powerful on-line inquiries and reports.

Of course, you may have access to the Business Process Management and Knowledge Management tools available on all FMS products.