About Us

Mitchell Humphrey & Co., founded in 1977 by Mitchell O. Humphrey, is a leading provider of software solutions and support services for both the Public and Private sectors. Its broad range of software includes Financials, Community Development, and Vehicle for Hire Regulation applications. They provide custom software and services to over 200 clients across North America which include state and local governments, educational institutions, and mid-sized businesses.

Mitchell Humphrey and Microsoft teamed up in 2008 to combine Mitchell Humphrey’s expertise in building innovative products that enhance citizen satisfaction while improving back office effectiveness, with the proven technology and process controls included in Microsoft Dynamics® CRM.  The result was FastTrackGov; a full suite of on-demand, subscription-based revenue management solutions for municipalities, counties, government agencies, special districts, and taxing authorities.


At Mitchell Humphrey & Co., we are driven to continually push the envelope and think outside the box to stay at the forefront of technology. We believe in listening to our clients, with a “Clients for Life” mentality, to deliver a strong return on their investments. We strive to provide exceptional customer service 110% of the time. We are committed to recruiting and retaining talented, curious individuals. Mitch Humphrey was a dedicated leader whose entrepreneurial spirit and passion will always be at the core of the company.