Mitchell Humphrey & Co. Referral Program

Mitchell Humphrey & Co. offers three distinct software solutions. Chances are, you know others who can benefit from the features offered by the solution(s) you use. Help us connect with them and reap the rewards. Earn hours of consulting services with each Qualified Lead you refer.

Others that you refer will receive the true benefits of using Mitchell Humphrey & Co. and you earn rewards. It’s a true win-win! The more you refer, the more you earn – it’s that simple.

How it Works

Below are the options that are available for our Consulting Services.

What You Earn. What You Must Do To Qualify.

10% Off Next Consulting Project (up to $1,500) Referral of a Qualified Lead.
1 Free Day of Next Consulting Project A Qualified Lead that you host at a site visit, but did not refer.
2 Free Days of Next Consulting Project A Qualified Lead that results in a sale.
2 Free Days of Next Consulting Project When your site hosts a Lunch-N-Learn, for neighboring prospects, in your location.
3 Free Days of Next Consulting Project A Qualified Lead that you refer, resulting in a sale, and for which your site hosts a site visit or Lunch-N-Learn.

Have questions?

We’re here to help. If you have questions, see our FAQ or call our professional sales team at 314-991-2440.

Refer Today!

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Referral Program

Tips for Referring Others.

There are lots of ways to refer others to Mitchell Humphrey & Co. Here are a few techniques that others have found particularly effective.

➢ Send Personalized Emails

We’ll help you create an email with links to where potential clients can learn more about what makes Mitchell Humphrey & Co. a great option.

➢ Talk Up Mitchell Humphrey & Co.

This is a very simple way to get a qualified lead. Enthusiasm is contagious—when they see how enthusiastic you are about Mitchell Humphrey & Co., they’re bound to wonder what’s so great about it!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Qualified Lead?

The definition that Mitchell Humphrey & Co. uses for a Qualified Lead is “An organization that meets similar demographics to yours with need, budget and buying authority.”

How do I earn my free Consulting?

We offer a few options.
1) You have the ability to share contact information with us at the top of this page. All we need from you is their Name, Company, Email, and Phone Number. Our highly trained sales team will reach out to them to gauge their interest, and if we consider them a Qualified Lead, we will contact you.
2) Just tell them about Mitchell Humphrey & Co. If they visit our website, and fill out our information request, have them fill out your information. Once we speak with them and gauge their interest, we will let you know if they are considered a Qualified Lead.

What if I run out of referrals for Mitchell Humphrey & Co.?

There are more ways to refer potential Qualified Leads than you might think. It’s super easy to bring up Mitchell Humphrey & Co. when at a networking event, at a Trade Show/Conference, or even in a group on LinkedIn. You’ll find that professionals appreciate the information. Contact a qualified salesperson at 314-991-2440. We’re happy to provide any advice you may need to increase your referral potential.

Is there a limit to how much Consulting I can receive?

You can refer as many people as you would like, as long as you truly think that they are, by Mitchell Humphrey & Co.’s standards, a Qualified Lead.

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Conditions: All Free Consulting must be used within 12 months of earning. Referrals cannot already be an active prospect.