It’s always beneficial to get others together to talk about work. What if you could do that and earn Consulting hours? Mitchell Humphrey & Co.’s lunch and learn lets you do just that. Gather people at a nearby office and learn about the Mitchell Humphrey & Co. software in a low-pressure environment.

2 Free Days of Consulting when your site hosts a Lunch-N-Learn, for neighboring prospects, in your location. If the Qualified Lead results in a sale, then 3 Free Days of Consulting will be given.

Call us to book your first Lunch-N-Learn 314-991-2440

Email us today at to get started.

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Host a Lunch-N-Learn

STEP 1: Get in Touch

Contact us and we’ll help walk you through the process of hosting a lunch-n-learn. Go ahead, feel free to email us now!

STEP 2: Plan

Once you’ve decided to host a lunch-n-learn, just select a date, location (will be onsite), and invite your Qualified Lead. Not sure who to invite? Think of all of your fellow peers in neighboring cities and counties. Mitchell Humphrey & Co. can even provide you with invitations. Now, all you have to do is…

STEP 3: Enjoy the Lunch-N-Learn

One of our highly trained salespeople will attend the Lunch-N-Learn with you to help. We will assist you in a deep-dive session into whatever product your colleagues are interested in (This could be FastTrackGov, FMS [Financial Management System], and GSS [Government Software Solutions]). We will pay for your Lunch-N-Learn directly.