With the account structure set up in FMS II, we are able to easily report premiums and losses two different ways. One reporting requirement is for the annual statement and the other is to meet our internal reporting format. This capability has really helped us to accurately measure and act upon our results.”Hutch Kracht, Controller for Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company View Case Study

Mitchell Humphrey’s FMS II Accounting Software for Insurance can be tailored to meet the unique financial management and reporting needs of your business, and includes full support for specific features which are important to you.  With FMS II, you are able to:

  • Manage premium revenues by line of business, state, region, product line, year, agent, etc.
  • Set up unlimited business unit performance and results analysis using flexible “roll up” hierarchies
  • Manage multiple accounting bases including GAAP, Cash, Statutory, Tax, and internal requirements
  • Set up automated interfaces to annual statement electronic filing systems
  • Manage both insurance-specific requirements and non-insurance subsidiaries
  • Streamline the payables process for claim checks, premium refunds, agent commissions, and payments
  • Benefit from powerful cost allocations for such things as multi-basis allocations based on statistics (i.e., square footage, head count, etc.) or revenue dollars
  • And much more!

FMS II accounting software provides you with a comprehensive suite of applications to solve your most complex business needs.