Spreadsheet Reporting

Mitchell Humphrey’s FMS-Exec works in consort with Microsoft Excel to provide fast, easy two-way data transfer, between FMS II and your spreadsheet.  It’s a powerful data analysis, ad hoc reporting, and budgeting tool.

Here are just a few of the things you can do with FMS-Exec.

  • Create budgets quickly.  Download last year’s actual and/or budget data into a predefined budget preparation worksheet, adjust as desired, and upload the new budget to FMS II.  Naturally, all data transfers are subject to full FMS II security.
  • Prepare journal entries in your spreadsheet.  Upload them into FMS II at your convenience.
  • Transfer data from external systems.  For example, import payroll details, including statistical data, from your payroll system into your spreadsheet, then upload the transactions to the General Ledger.
  • Share information with others.  Download information from FMS II, analyze it, graph it, highlight what’s important – and then share the worksheet with co-workers.
  • Perform what-if scenarios.  Use FMS-Exec to help you intelligently predict the impact of reorganization or program changes by importing FMS II data into Excel models.

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