Multi-Dimensional Analysis

Mitchell Humphrey’s FMS-OnRamp provides a connection between your FMS II data and Cognos PowerPlay, an award-winning reporting and analysis tool.

Anyone can define the data to be retrieved and transfer it to PowerPlay – all in just a few minutes.  No need for technical assistance and no need to wait hours for data retrieval.  Below is just one example of what you can do with FMS-OnRamp.

  • Retrieve and review total expenses for all departments, comparing them with budget and actual for the prior year.
  • Expenses for a particular department are high – drill down to view line items for that department.
  • Travel expenses exceed budget – examine the department’s travel expenses for the past 12 months.
  • Create and print a line graph showing the trend of travel expenses over the past two years.
  • Create and print a pie chart to highlight travel expense as a percentage of the entire budget.
  • Create a similar chart comparing travel expenses for individual departments.

In less than an hour, you’ve identified a potential problem area, analyzed the situation, and created illustrations for your next meeting.

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