Business Intelligence

All of the standard FMS II reporting and inquiry tools possess the unique ability to dynamically summarize, or roll up, information for presentation.  Using the latest OLE DB technology, Mitchell Humphrey’s FMS-DataLink brings this same capability to third-party tools like Crystal Reports, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Word.

FMS-DataLink allows you to quickly and easily select the data you want from General Ledger, Project Accounting, Job Cost Accounting, Purchasing, or any other FMS II system.  It then retrieves the data, places it in a tabular form that other applications can understand, and provides that data on demand.  Naturally, the data retrieval is subject to all of the normal FMS II security provisions.

Here are just a few of the many benefits that FMS-DataLink provides.

  • Leverages your investment in training.  For example, if your people are already trained on Crystal Reports, they can be immediately productive in the FMS II environment.  The only requirement is that your chosen reporting package support OLE DB data resources.
  • Opens new avenues for desktop integration.  Most Microsoft desktop products, such as Excel and Word, support OLE DB data sources in Office XP.  FMS-DataLink allows you to easily integrate FMS II data with desktop documents and to update that data on demand.
  • Support custom projects and Word Wide Web applications.  Perhaps you have an idea for a “killer application” that involves presenting your FMS II data on the World Wide Web?  Microsoft’s latest.NET development tools make it easy to display data from OLE DB data sources on your web page.

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