Ad Hoc Reporting, Quick Decisions

Mitchell Humphrey’s ASK FMS tool is an easy-to-use Query and Reporting solution that enables FMS II system users to follow a “wizard-driven” step-by-step process to build a query and produce a report.  This tool is an ideal option for those FMS II “casual” users who need a quick and easy way to create their own FMS II report.

ASK FMS features automatic links to FMS II tables so users do not need to know the names of tables or how to link to them in order to get the data they want.  Reports can be produced in a standard report layout, in label format, graphical format, etc.  Plus, reports can be easily exported to MS Excel, PDF, etc.

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The Inquiry Plus function is designed to support on-line analysis of data stored in FMS II ledger databases.  It can retrieve any data stored in an FMS II ledger by user-defined combinations of accounts, data files, data types, and period/year ranges.  However, Inquiry Plus is much more than an inquiry function.  For example, it allows you to perform computations.  Commonly used computations are variance, variance percentage, available funds, budget forecast, and the like.

All FMS II systems have a ledger database and the Inquiry Plus function.  In the General Ledger, Project Ledger, Budgeting, and Financial Planning systems, the ledger database is the primary data storage file.  In other FMS II systems, the ledger database augments the primary files by providing accumulated transactions by accounting period and year.  An inquiry can be defined for either the ledger database or, when ledger transaction logging is performed, the detail transaction database.  Ledger data is stored in cumulative amounts by accounting period within “account”; therefore, it is retrieved in cumulative form.  Data from the detail transaction database is retrieved by individual transaction.