You will receive a software solution with which you can effectively maintain physical control of the materials in each of your storage locations.

Some of the key benefits to you are as follows:

  • Supports decentralized requisitions with automatic approval routing and status tracking.
  • Performs on-line available funds checking and pre-encumbers funds on open requisitions.
  • Updates on-order, on-hand, allocated, and available inventory balances when items are purchased, received, issued, transferred, or returned.
  • Generates notices or purchase order requests when re-order points are reached.
  • Maintains a perpetual inventory record of each item for a user specified period of time.
  • Computes costs and identifies slow moving or obsolete items.
  • Simplifies physical to book reconciliation.

Of course, you may have access to the Business Process Management and Knowledge Management tools available on all FMS II products.