Grant Accounting

You will receive a software solution that allows you to track all of your grant information, from initial application to award to completion.

The system is fully integrated with all other applicable FMS II products.  It also contains built-in customization tools that accommodate your specific grant tracking and accounting needs.  Some of the other key benefits are as follows:

  • Allows grants to be recorded, along with all relevant information, as soon as applications are submitted.
  • Tracks the status of submitted applications and generates status and approval information to all interested parties.
  • Supports multi-year grants and varying grant years, including the ability to report across years.
  • Accommodates matching requirements.
  • Accounts for capital grants.
  • Includes complete budgeting and encumbrance accounting capabilities.
  • Performs automatic allocation of indirect cost, including step-down allocations.

Of course, you may have access to the Business Process Management and Knowledge Management tools available on all FMS II products.

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