You will have an on-demand, web-based solution that offers a full-suite of automated Licensing (Business, Occupation, Pet, and more), Local Permitting, and Fee/Tax Collection systems.

Your benefits will include unprecedented citizen convenience, increased revenue opportunities, and time savings for all concerned.

View samples of licenses and permits managed with FastTrackGov.

View samples of licenses and permits managed with FastTrackGov

Citizens can, from their home or business:

  • Submit applications
  • Pay outstanding balances
  • Ask questions, check status, and receive responses

Office Personnel can, automatically:

  • Communicate with all parties involved in the process
  • Schedule tasks and renewal notifications
  • Compute fees, communicate balances due, and issue licenses and permits

Administrators and Officials can, by acquiring this solution:

  • Enhance citizen satisfaction
  • Receive up-to-the-minute reports on revenues, applications, average processing time, and the like
  • Speed up and increase revenue collection

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