Workflow Automation

FMS-Streamline is a product that helps your organization streamline your business processes.  It eliminates the need to route paper documents for approval and helps to automate the exception reporting process.

The product is driven by workflow rules customized to meet your unique needs.  You specify the circumstances under which approvals are required, who is authorized to provide those approvals, and the sequence in which those people must approve.  Similarly, you specify the conditions under which exceptions are to be reported and to whom those notifications are to be delivered.  The system does the rest.

Examples of key processes which FMS-Streamline can automate for you include:

  • Routing and approval of requisitions and purchase orders.
  • Routing and approval of accounts payable invoices.
  • Routing and approval of budget data.
  • Automated notification when significant events occur in Accounts Receivable.  For example, when a client with a large balance enters a particular age class, you might want to notify the appropriate credit representative to initiate follow up.  Or you might want to automatically notify the legal department when the credit representative has exhausted other remedies.
  • Automated notification of significant data changes.  For example, you might want to notify management whenever someone changes a vendor payee name or gives a client a particularly large credit limit.

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