FMS III Phase 2 Enhancements

Mitchell Humphrey & Co. is proud to announce FMS III Phase 2 will be available July 31, 2017.

Phase 2 includes significant enhancements to the FMS Ledger systems including:

– General Ledger
– Budget Ledger
– Grant and Project Ledger
– Document Systems

Features included are:

– New Online Inquiry functionality
– New Detail Transaction Inquiry functionality
– Re-designed forms for core ledger functions

Online Inquiry

– Unlimited expansion fields and sort levels
– Multiple ledger support in a single inquiry
– New Online Inquiry definition forms
– Allows definition of columns on a single form (no tabs)
– Includes new feature for copying retrieval templates
– Allows user choice of initial display; expanded or collapsed
– Supports heading, column, and line descriptions
– New Results View layout
– Each page represents the current sort (break) level
– Provides for direct navigation to each page
– Allows view of data at various levels (most to least detail)
– Export current or all pages to Microsoft Excel

Definition Screen

Settings Screen

Results Screen

Exporting Results to Microsoft Excel

Detail Transaction Inquiry

– More robust logging of source transaction information from FMS
– Standalone “Inquiry” will not require an account template
– Inquiry selection accommodates information from a source system
– Options exist to allow selections based on operators, such as begins with, contains, equals, between, etc.
– Retrieved information will display in a grid format
– Export retrieved information to Microsoft Excel
– Transactions generated from source systems will have common information displayed
– User can view all information related to the transaction information
– Allows drill down into documents

Results Screen

Detail Transactions – Source Detail Screen

Month-End Functions

– Redesigned forms
– Capabilities to manage all month-end functions from a single point:
– Period Close
– Period Open
– Automatic Closing Entries

OPEN and CLOSE Periods

Other Functions

– Account Maintenance
– Budget Maintenance
– Automatic Transaction Maintenance
– New Account Authorization

Journal Entries

– Redesigned forms
– Elimination of tabs
– Use of ribbon instead of buttons, except where contextually necessary for clarity
– Ease of transition between journals
– Visibility to balancing totals during entry
– Enhanced Account Control allows text searches

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