Convince My Boss Letter

Dear [Insert Name],

I would like to attend the Mitchell Humphrey User Group 2015 Conference, September 13–16, in Seattle. I believe attending the Conference will provide significant knowledge and education benefiting [your organization or department here]. A few of the benefits are listed below:

I will have the opportunity to learn about FMS III and more. I will hear expert insights directly from Mitchell Humphrey & Co. leaders surrounding all of the latest business solutions, get answers to questions, and see breakthrough innovations. I will hear where the company and the industry are headed. Anticipating trends and opportunities will help us to position for success and can help with making smarter financial decisions.

I will make valuable connections. I will network with peers to understand how their organizations are using FMS, what challenges they are facing, how they handle common issues, and learn tips and tricks others are using that we can incorporate. There will be many opportunities to meet others, share ideas, and exchange contact information. I could meet someone using a business solution that will benefit our organization.

I will receive continuing education to share with coworkers and CPE credits at no additional cost. I will have the opportunity to learn from hands-on classes, chats, and added value sessions. I will make a concerted effort to share what I learn at the Conference with my co-workers.

We will get a FREE day of consulting! This year Mitchell Humphrey & Co. is offering all organizations represented a Buy One, Get One Free day of consulting that can be used until September 30, 2016. This is a huge savings for us since we will be saving money on something that we can definitely use.

Guide the future of FMS. By attending the Conference, I will be able to participate in product/enhancement discussions.

Attending MHUG 2015 will cost approximately [insert cost]. This includes registration, airfare, hotel, and meals not covered at the Conference. Following is the cost breakdown for attending:

Conference:           $695 USD           Registration cost.
Airfare:                   $TBD USD         Visit the web to get specific airfare costs from your city and fill in here.
Hotel:                      $720 USD          Three nights at $199 USD (average cost of MHUG hotel plus estimated taxes) per night.
Miscellaneous:      $250 USD           Estimated cost of transportation and meals not covered by MHUG.
Total:                      $TBD USD         Total including airfare.

I believe my attending MHUG 2015 will benefit our organization and my professional growth. You can learn more about MHUG here.

Thank you for your consideration.

[Insert Name]